Joelle Herbette

Partner Audit & Assurance

Deloitte, Switzerland

"George contributed to a team of experts in the areas of analytics, and IT audit. He collaborated on more than 30 engagements, working for both financial services and corporate clients.


His main duties and responsibilities primarily comprised:

  • Collaboration with clients to develop an understanding of their IT environment (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Avaloq, Fire);

  • Performed journal entry testing by reconciling the clients’ general ledger against the trial balance, identifying exceptions (e.g. back and forward-postings, transactions recorded during public holidays, duplicates, inconsistencies);

  • Collaboration with colleagues from Zürich, Paris, Cardiff, Copenhagen and Bucharest to share experience on IT audits;

  • Held presentations with audit teams and clients highlighting findings.


George was a motivated employee who displayed devotion to his duties as well as commitment to the interests of the company. He has shown willingness to learn and solve issues in a conscientious way. Furthermore, he developed and maintained good relationships with our clients, management and colleagues."

Stefan Gerner

Head of IT Procurement

Allianz Global, Switzerland

"George's responsibilities included primarily:


- Support of purchasing activities
- Support of the PMO objectives (purchasing reporting)


He has the necessary skills, that he implemented with support in practice. He was also a loyal employee, who planed and organised his activities under clear guidance and instructions. The assigned duties were accomplished rapidly.

George brought ideas and was interested to participate in innovations. In hectic situations he maintained an overview and reacted with the necessary reliability. Despite large amounts of work he oriented himself towards the needs of internal stakeholders and provided good customer relations."

Preben Lund

Head of IT Applications


Siemens Wind Power A/S, Denmark

"George has been employed in our IT department where he has been occupied with the following:


- roll-out and implement eLearning tool - User Produktivity Kit

- technical and user documentation for eLearning tool

- small ad-hoc assignments like process descriptions, KPI measurements, etc. 


We know George as a competent, helpful and committed employee who has been well liked on all levels of our company. 


In the light of the above we are glad to be able to give George our recommendations, and we wish him all the best in the future, both in his private life and in his future career."

Johan van Streun

Senior Director Technology Presales Services


Oracle EMEA

"George worked as Associate Sales Consultant in my department, the Oracle EMEA Technology Presales Service Center (PSC). He performed numerous tasks in support of the UK sales organization. 


Some examples of George's responsibilities are: producing sales newsletters, provide generic company information for tender documents and format proposals documents.


George was willing to do what was needed to get a particular task finished. Because there were often last-minute deadlines, his cooperative attitude was important and appreciated. George deserves serious consideration as a potential employee."

Søren Reinertsen

Team lead - Virtual Client & Application


Siemens Wind Power A/S, Denmark

"I was working with George when he was an intern at Siemens Wind Power and know him as a very creative person that can find solutions and possibilities where others give up.


George's strong points is were there are new challenges but he did do rutine jobs too without complains and just smiled and worked harder to get the things done to come to new and more challenging tasks. Beside the professional part he has very strong social skills which many of the other interns enjoyed."

Adrian Matei

SOA Engineer at Kabel Deutschland


Oracle Romania colleague

"George is a determined, disciplined, tenacious, hard working and intelligent player.


These amazing traits I could notice both on the tennis court and on the job."

Claudiu Balan

System Engineering


Polytechnics University colleague

"I worked with George on several projects and I must tell you I had the time of my life. He has a natural talent for mathematics and applied informatics: that is very inspiring for me.


He's always energetic and can cheer you up whatever the situation and, also, he is hard working and a great thinker. He has the ability to adapt to any enironment and he can learn new things very fast.


He loves sports and that's why he is a strong team player. For him, fair play is a way to be, not only a daily motto. He is a great and very trusted friend!"

Loan Nguyen

SAP Consultant at Atos IT Solutions and Services


Colleague at Siemens, Denmark

"George was one of my first colleagues in the IT Department in Siemens Wind Power A/S. He was very active and determined when difficult problems occurred that need to be resolved.


As a colleague, he offered great support and team play in our work environment. George always showed very positive attitude in problem solving. I strongly believe he will be a beneficial asset in any company."

George Capraru

Software Developer Engineer at Freescale Semiconductor


Polytechnics University colleague

"George is a smart and hardworking guy.


He always understood the problem even though he didn't knew all the details and proposed workable solutions.


He is a person that can manage in any situation."

Ioana Cristina Cristea

Postdoc at University of California, Santa Barbara


AIESEC Denmark & Romania colleague

"George is always a pleasure to work with!


He is a reliable team-player and the type of person who offers over-delivery on any kind of tasks.


Also, due to his excellent time management skills and lively personality, our work together on the AIESEC projects has been efficient, dynamic and most of all: rewarding."


Alain Wegmann

Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

"I can highly recommend George for his dedication and energy. For example, during his PhD research, he conducted a very large number of interviews in order to validate his work. At this scale, this was outstanding. 


George is affable and open-minded, which served him well in meeting people and asking questions. This is a valuable quality when working at the boundary between business and IT.


George developed story-telling and modelling techniques to concretely describe business and IT strategies. An example of his contributions is that his innovation enabled to significantly improve the communication between the EPFL management and IT resources about the EPFL information systems strategic plans."

Daniel Krob
President at CESAMES


Professor at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris

"George was one of the finest student I had in the master COMASIC."

Dumitru Popescu

Dean of the Faculty of Automatics and Computer Science


Politechnics University of Bucharest

"George is an intelligent and motivated individual. He is more than capable of managing a small group of people and a large amount of information. 


As a student at the Faculty of Automatics and Computer Science, George has achieved different awards and honors. He never missed an exam and his overall grades can rank him as being one of the best students here at Politehnica University of Bucharest.


George was very much interested in many aspects of academic research and he participated in many conferences and seminars besides classes. I believe that by developing quality knowledge and practice he is making strong steps for his professional career and his future. 


George would be an assett to any organization and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement."

Radu Gologan

President of the Romanian Mathematical Society


Romanian Institute of Mathematics

"I have known George since his high-school period when interacting with the best mathematicians at the national phase of our Mathematics Olympiad. He then solved many problems by showing us new ways of computing and judgment. He has won appreciation since his first participantion.  


As his coordinator teacher for two of his published papers at the Politehnica University of Bucharest Students' Communication Session I could see George's development year after another. In 2005 he won the 1st prize on the University with his paper "Binary codification of images" one year later after the special prize with "Binary codification of forms". I was very happy to remark that his ideas showed us new directions of research.


His presentation skills are very good and combined with his analytic ones lead him to such success. I must add that George is one of the best students I have been working with in recent years."

Zerrin Celebi
General Secretary of ACIDE


ACIDE colleague EPFL, Switzerland

"J’ai eu l’opportunité de travailler avec George dans le comité de l’ACIDE pendant 4 ans. L’ACIDE est une association interne à l’EPFL, dont le but est de représenter le « Corps Intermédiaire » (CI) et de soutenir ses membres dans leurs intérêts professionnels. L’association se préoccupe de tout ce qui affecte la vie professionnelle des membres du CI ainsi que leur vie quotidienne sur le campus de l’EPFL. Le CI représente quelque 3500 chercheurs de l’EPFL, incluant les assistants de recherche, les doctorants, les post-docs, les chargés de cours, ainsi que les collaborateurs et adjoints scientifiques.

George est particulièrement doué dans le domaine informatique ; il a donc été d’une grande aide pour notre association, aussi bien pour la réalisation de notre site web, de nos flyers que dans la résolution des problèmes informatiques. Ses connaissances nous ont aidés à améliorer nos procédures et la qualité de nos prestations informatiques. Toujours disponible, il s’est acquitté à notre plus grande satisfaction des multiples tâches confiées dans ce domaine. 

Très à l’aise dans un milieu multiculturel comme l’EPFL, George est toujours intéressé à connaître les besoins des autres. Grâce à sa faculté à s’exprimer dans plusieurs langues et très à l’aise dans les relations publiques, nous avons souvent sollicité George pour représenter l’ACIDE et recruter de nouveaux membres, comme à l’occasion des journées d’accueil des nouveaux doctorants de l’EPFL."

Ludger Weber
Lecturer at EPFL


President of ACIDE, EPFL, Switzerland

"George is a pleasure to work with: dedicated, open-minded and always in good mood. I have worked with him in the committee of an association and was impressed by his true dedication to his assignments and his outgoing character."

Zerrin Yumak

Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University


Colleague at EPFL, Switzerland

"George is one of those rare people combining excellent technical and people skills. I was working with him when I was a post-doc at EPFL and he was a research assistant and doing his PhD. It was a real pleasure to work with him. He is very dynamic, open to learn new things and adaptable to new situations. He has excellent technical skills, ability to find solution to any problem and combines this with hardworking and determination."

Elsa Friscira

Maps Software Engineer at Apple


Supervised EPFL Master student, Switzerland

"George is incredibly smart, hard-worker and an amazing team player. I worked with him while he was doing his PHD at EPFL.

He has a varied and wide skills set: he has very solid technical skills and excellent communication skills; qualities that are very hard to find together!


George is also an amazing teacher/mentor. He is extremely good at sharing his knowledge and teaching people. Dynamic and friendly George is a delight to work with!"

Stanislav Peshterliev

Software Engineer at Amazon


Supervised EPFL Master student, Switzerland

"George supervised me for six months on my Master’s thesis project at EPFL. We worked on Systemic Modeling for private banking and a data visualization tool for large graph analysis. We had regular meetings on which George gave me valuable feedback, and provided me with papers for further research. He helped me to prepare fantastic defense presentation.


From my experience working with George, he is an excellent supervisor and an expert on business modeling and human-computer interaction (HCI)."

Bogdan Stoica
Doctoral Assistant at EPFL


Colleague at EPFL, Switzerland

Vlad-Titus Tudor

Web Designer & Front-End Developer at Avira Soft


AIESEC Romania colleague

"As an Online Manager in the COMM Department of AIESEC Bucharest, George quickly proved outstanding skills in gaining people trust, managing his small team and improving the workflows and process of that time.


His know-how recommends him as a great technical and analytical person, capable of solving any problem or issue that he might encounter."

Aigerim Yaraliyeva
Project Manager at Itron


Colleague at AIESEC, Worldwide

"George is a well-organized and trustworthy person. He is also a great listener and has a very positive attitude in life. Since 5 years that I know him from AIESEC, George has always been very helpful and understanding. He makes sure the job is done and goes towards his objective with great determination. I appreciate that a lot in him and I wish George every success in the future. "

Alexandra Salomia
Supervisor at Teleperformance Greece


Friend, Bucharest, Romania

"George is one of those people that jumps to the rescue no matter the situation. I had the pleasure to work with him for two years while volunteering for the Romanian Students' Association (A/RO) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).


George immediately stood out as an involved person, focused on integrating everybody on campus in the projects promoted by A/RO. Meticulous and pragmatic, he would go at great lengths to implement his ideas, while successfully practicing his PhD research.


Apart from this, George is also a great friend and a trusted counselor, a skillful tennis player and a tenacious cyclist. I strongly believe that he could easily adapt to any kind of group, whether it is academic-focused or industry-oriented."

Elio Abi Karam
Business Analyst at Credit Suisse


Colleague at EPFL, Switzerland

"George is a very motivated individual. I first met him during my master studies at EPFL and he always showed great dedication to any activity he undertook: in his phD as well as on the tennis courts, one can always see him doing his best in order to reach remarkable objectives.


George is also a great friend, always ready to help and give counsel. From my interaction with George, I believe he can fit in any team, adapt fast to most situations and deliver impressive results."

"George is a detailed, organized professional, an example to follow and to learn from. He is all the time very good prepared, willing to help and motivate his colleagues."