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Best, Mediocre and Worst Recommenders


  1. Current Supervisor or Boss

    • Knows your work well; make sure your asking of a recommendation won't endanger your job 

  2. Your Bosses Boss

    • Is familiar with your work 

  3. Previous Boss

    • Keep good relations after leaving a role

  4. President or Supervisor over you in an Extracurricular role

    • Share other experiences and leadership 



  1. Previous Teacher

    • Ok for people with less than 2-3 years of work experience​

  2. Pier

    • It is assumed that s/he is your friend but with an informed opinion about your work



  1. Mom, Dad, family members

    • Not even when any is your boss; their opinion is biased​

  2. Someone you don't know well

    • Easy to ask but won't help much

  3. Someone you don't trust, is too busy, or never on time

    • Not worth it to wait for someone to submit at the last moment

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