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Selection of Projects acting as Strategic Advisor

  1. Established a CRM to manage 5’000+ contacts for the International Risk Governance Council

  2. Coordinated the Google Glass technology project enabling innovation at L’Oréal

  3. Provided a statistical analysis in Excel of a large volume of data used to generate insights about the efficacy of medical treatment for Eurodiet

  4. Provided statistical and analytics support to improve the patients' flow at Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG)

  5. Implemented a WordPress platform and configured an e-learning module for Médecine Intégrée

  6. Improved the online visibility by 300% using Google Analytics for the Helvetrust fiduciary

  7. Enhanced the internal IT synergies and business plan for HappyBus

  8. Defined and analysed HR indicators for CompenSwiss  and

  9. Created a multi-lingual website and integrated associated multimedia for Polyglotte SA

  10. Analysed data used to provide insights about shoppers' behaviour for Think Pomelo

  11. Developed cohort analysis in SQL and Model Analytics for clients of Frontify

  12. Analysed sales and provided clients' targeting recommendations for Fragment Audio

  13. Developed an automated system based on Excel aimed at registering regular beneficiaries at Colis du Coeur

  14. Restored backup and proposed several major improvements to website design for Partenaires Association

  15. Provided IT career guidance to mentees of the PMI Switzerland

  16. Steared the implementation efforts of a website and mobile app aimed at professional swimmers for Swim Rec / Gregtex SA

  17. Guided the implementation of a website connecting local entrepreneurs with global demands for their talents for SIM KOOL

  18. Improved IT processes and IT architecture for Domaine Wannaz

  19. Configured the network, e-mail, antivirus and printers for several Apple computers for Ycé Gestion

  20. Created a website for Timbereng School

  21. Implemented a website selling baby naming recommendations to future parents of Chinese children for Best Baby Names / BB Art

  22. Implemented a website selling recycling services for pharmaceutical products for Clinpak Verripac
  23. Implemented design improvements for a website connecting students with teachers for BEAppui

  24. Managed email, documents and IT processes for J.-P. Thonney SA

  25. Created and managed the content of a website for Mrs. Catharina Nessi

  26. Implemented a cooking blog for an international traveler

  27. Provided support regarding Windows-based networks setup and maintenance for a technical engineer

  28. Presented an update of all recent corporate and banking technologies for several mentees

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